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Acupuncture & Community Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has been practiced for over 2,000 years.  A growing body of evidence supports the use of acupuncture for many conditions, including:

  • Back pain


  • Sciatica


  • Knee pain


  • Menstrual pain


  • Migraines and headaches


  • Gastritis


  • IBS


  • Pain related to cancer or cancer treatments


  • Post-operative pain


  • Anxiety


  • Insomnia

Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture & Weight Loss

Mei Zen is a technique which improves the appearance and quality of the skin while restoring and balancing the body's natural energy - The result is that you feel great in addition to looking better!  Choose from treatment series for the face, neck or abdomen/weight loss.  Pre-treatment consultation is complimentary, and is available either in person or over Zoom.

During a Mei Zen session, an initial assessment and acupuncture treatment is performed to balance the body's natural energy.  Mei Zen technique then involves stimulating the layer of skin called the dermis with very fine needles to enhance the firmness and structure of the skin.  Finally, the face is massaged with hydrating herbals.  The result is that the overall appearance of the skin, including wrinkles, sagging and areas of discoloration, are improved.





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